The Brief.

Make the Launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7 the most talked about product launch of 2016, whilst displaying the features of the new phone. 

The Solution.

Tim Peake's birthday party. 

After creating a VR birthday party with Tim Peake's family, we loaded the content onto a Galaxy S7. We then used a scheduled cargo flight to the International Space Station to transport the S7 and a VR headset to Tim. On his birthday, he loaded the S7 into the headset and experienced his loved ones all around him as if they were with him for his special day. For good measure, he then took the world's first space selfie with the S7 and uploaded it to his Twitter account. 


The idea made it through every review. It was taken to a Google workshop in Paris with Samsung where it was resoundingly praised. Logistics were worked out and the stage was set. However, it never happened.  

Creative Credits:

Creative Directors: Dave Newbold, Jim Eyre

Creatives: Michael Buckmaster, Tom Dunn, Kevin Morosky