Since the start of the Syrian civil war, nearly 12,000 children have been killed and more than 2.3 million have had to leave their homeland. Syrian children have become the unheard majority of the refugee crisis, going overlooked by Western Europe. And in fact, some of these children have become mute because of the atrocities they have witnessed.


We will use the silence of Syrian children, to make them internationally heard. With UNICEF, we will produce a minute long music track of complete silence that will act as a digital product, donation method and it's own advert.

As the journey for downloading a music track is far easier than making a donation, this track will be made available on iTunes with all profits going to the relief effort. We will use the social media presence of the vast network of international UNICEF ambassadors to promote the track and reduce media spend.

These famous ambassadors will talk about the track in interviews, and musicians will play cover versions by plunging their live gigs into reflectful silence for one minute.

Those donating will be able to see the effect they are having by the track's placement in the iTunes chart. This will give a clear marker of how a single donation causes change, something most charities find difficult to communicate.

If it gets into the top ten, radio chart shows will be forced to plunge their show into a reflective silence for one minute, raising awareness.  


 Creative Credits:

Art Director/Copywriter: Michael Buckmaster