The Brief.

Create a piece of viral content for Samsung UK for Halloween 2015.

The Solution.

Smart Things House of Horrors

By secretly rigging up a house with Smart Things devices and inviting unwitting movie buffs around for a Horror movie night, we planned to create a Punk'd style social spot where the house came alive, terrifying our guests. Doors would bang, lights would turn on and off, ghoulish sounds would come over hidden stereos and a ghost girl would appeared, before it was revealed that it was a Halloween prank. All the while, a behind-the-scenes crew controlling the action would be shown laughing at their guest's misfortune. 


After an enthusiastic acceptance from Russell Taylor, Vice President of Marketing at Samsung UK, it didn't happen. Time was too tight to shoot the spot. 

Creative Credits:

Creative Directors: Dave Newbold, Jim Eyre

Art Directors: Jim Eyre, Michael Buckmaster

Copywriters: Dave Newbold, Michael Buckmaster