At the beginning of 2015, small businesses accounted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses in the UK. However, owning a small, independent business is extremely costly. Setting up a viable payment method can often cost hundreds of pounds, taking a large chunk of seed money from the potential business owner. Contactless payments are extremely prevalent in the UK. A full adoption of this system is expected within the next 5 years.


Samsung Payments is an application that turns your tablet or Samsung handset into a card reader. Following download and installation, the application is paired with a destination bank account. Then, by using the unique NFC technology found within Samsung devices (when the app is opened and readied), a customer is able to touch their card or mobile payment service to the device to make a contactless payment of under £30. For payments over this amount, a subsequent pin is required to take payment.   

Creative Credits:

Art Director/Copywriter: Michael Buckmaster