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Defining messaging for flagship Samsung products in the UK and beyond.

2019 has been a been a crazy year for Samsung. They’ve launched some of their most innovative products ever. And I’ve been at the heart of it all in the UK.

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From groundbreaking phones to wearables, I’ve defined all of the BTL messaging in the UK. I’ve worked with a crack team to roll out all creative assets and led the creation of messaging that has gone across retail, web, social, even spilling into radio and TV.

I’ve produced the UK anchor messages, propositions and USPs for products including the Galaxy S10, Tab S5e, Galaxy Buds and the Galaxy Watch Active. And because many of these launches included no ATL hooks or straps, my messaging became the star of the show.

But I didn’t just create messaging for the UK. For the A series I produced the global digital copy that has since gone across the world, positioning the model in all markets.