samsung | integrated digital

Leading digital messaging for Samsung’s 2017 Christmas campaign

For Christmas 2017, Samsung wanted to push the idea of selling their products in gift sets that seamlessly worked together. I produced the below the line messaging for the entire UK campaign. 

I then helped create a microsite that acted as a central hub. It featured simple stories that linked Samsung's flagship products together. Click the image to take a closer look.

Each story was designed for a different type of person. There was a story and gift collection for creative people, active adventurers and fitness addicts. 

They seamlessly flowed down the page, using product assets to bring them to life. 

The campaign's media spend was enormous. All social creative, OOH and even the local TVC pushed towards our microsite.  


To make sure all messaging was cohesive, I was tasked with concepting paid social creative. I even got my hands dirty art directing assets. A feeling of flow was important. We created Facebook carousels with characters that animated across multiple slides. 


Our microsite and assets were so well received that they were used and adapted across 8 other European markets. The site was also used in South Africa where they added their own seasonal twist to the visuals.