Cycling accidents increase as children grow older. In fact, cyclists aged 10 to 15 years old are at the highest risk of being involved in an accident. This age group also coincides with when children/teenagers may start to indicate riskier behaviour. Accidents involving this group are often caused by teenagers doing tricks, riding too fast or losing control, whilst not under supervision.


We will create an application that twins with smart reflectors, so that parents can keep an eye on their child’s cycling habits.

Smart reflectors will be installed on both wheels of a child's bike. They will read how fast they are travelling using an accelerometer. During roation, they will also determine each wheel's height from the ground, so they can tell if any dangerous tricks are being performed.  

Routes will be mapped as soon as the child's bike wheels begin to spin, logging a ride route onto an app on their parent's mobile device. All of the above information will be plotted onto this route. 

Parents will be able to access a database of their child’s cycling habits, so they can chat to them about any dangerous behaviour and educate them on safe cycling.


Creative Credits:

Art Director/Copywriter: Michael Buckmaster