As season tickets become more expensive, supporters are being priced out of going to games. A Manchester United season ticket can cost as much as £1000.

1 in 12 Premier League season tickets are now shared between a number of people, with Manchester United having the highest rate of shared season tickets at 12% and rising. The ability to manage this sharing of tickets is complicated, with a single plastic card being shared between a group of people who may be many miles apart. 


We will create The Share Your Season app, a digital solution that allows multiple fans to share a single Manchester United season ticket. After downloading and pairing their apps, a group of people can pay for a season ticket and then share it across their devices. To enter the ground, a digital ticket on the screen of a device will be scanned. The app will provide users with a messaging system and calendar tool, so tickets to games can be split between each person. Tickets will be given weightings to aid this process.

When game day comes and a single person attends the game, the experience will be bought further to life by digital programmes that are served to the device. Following the game, full highlights can be experienced through the app itself.

Creative Credits:

Art Director/Copywriter: Michael Buckmaster