McDonald’s pride themselves on providing a seamless in-store customer journey that minimises serving time. However, at peak hours, particularly in the city, queueing is still the norm and staffing issues can lead to lengthened waiting times.


We will create an application that allows customers to order ahead, picking their orders up from heated NFC secured lockers in the restaurant. As a customer places their order to a chosen restaurant, it is registered to their app and account. An automatic mobile payment is then taken. The order is then prepared and placed into a see-thru, plastic, heated NFC enabled locker to keep it warm. Upon entering a restaurant, the customer simply goes to the locker wall, finds their locker and opens it with the NFC technology linked to their account. They can then walk out of the store with no queueing or waiting times, or simply sit and enjoy their food in-store, speeding customer turnover up almost 110%.

Creative Credits:

Art Director/Copywriter: Michael Buckmaster