The current situation in Palmyra is one of the greatest heritage crises of the past decade. The UNESCO World Heritage site currently lays in ruins after widespread vandalism by ISIS. Many do not understand the historical significance of this 2000 year old city or the scale of its destruction. Rebuilding the site will take public support and action. 


We will create a virtual reality exhibition in partnership with the British Museum, which transports visitors through time, whilst displaying the power of the Gear VR.

Visitors will enter a room, feel the sand beneath their feet, the beating sun on their face and be taken on a tour of ancient Palmyra in VR, whilst wearing the headset. The VR content will chart until the present day, showing the destruction of the city by ISIS and its current state, emotionally connecting visitors with the site. All entrance fees will go towards the World Heritage Fund to help rebuild this ancient city.  

Creative Credits:

Art Director/Copywriter: Michael Buckmaster