The English Heritage’s blue plaque scheme is in crisis. Since 2015, due to funding cuts, the scheme has run entirely on donations. Each plaque costs a hefty £1000 per installation with maintenance fees placed on top of that. Despite all of this investment, these iconic symbols of British History lack the rich experience they could potentially offer.



We will produce a rich digital experience that leaps onto your smartphone through an English Heritage app.

Beacons will be situated near heritage sites. When passed, they will serve up a rich variety of curated content that links to the site you are standing at.  This content will include Youtube videos, tracks from Spotify, Wikipedia pages or even online offers that relate to that site or person.

Mapping will be included to provide an overview of every plaque, and gamification will enrich the experience. A donate button will be situated on each page, giving users an opportunity to provide the English Heritage Trust with much needed funds.


Creative Credits:

Art Director/Copywriter: Michael Buckmaster