Around 1,000 people are injured each year due to fireworks with the largest number of incidents taking place around Guy Fawkes night. The most common injury is to the hand, and over half of all injuries are to children under the age of 17. Sparklers are one of the major causes of these incidents, burning 5 times hotter than cooking oil. 


In partnership with Sainsburys, we will create a safe, digital sparkler, utilising the gyroscope commonly found in most smartphones.

After downloading and opening the app, the user simply activates it, holds their screen with their thumb and waves their mobile device, spelling out words or drawing pictures. When finished, the user removes their thumb to deactivate the sparkler and their message appears written on the screen. 

To take the sparker experience into the digital age, they can then share their creation on social, or send it to friends, with a Sainsbury's logo present on every picture, providing organic advertising.