samsung | experiential 

Sending schoolchildren from across the UK to space with VR

Samsung wanted a way to highlight their partnership with the Science Museum. So we created Countdown To Descent. The travelling bus tour went across the country. With the help of the Gear VR, It allowed thousands of kids to experience astronaut Tim Peake's journey to earth.

I immortalised the story of Tim's descent in copy on the side of the bus. A graphic charted every moment of his perilous journey back to earth from the International Space Station. Click the image to take a close up look at the story. 


I then came up with two entertaining tablet games that used elements of the KS4 curriculum. These would keep the kids entertained, whilst also educating them, as they waited for their VR experience. 


In the first game, they'd have to mix chemicals to create rocket fuel and launch the Soyuz to space. Each chemical had to be picked correctly from a periodic table and then emptied into the rocket.  


The second game centred around the capsule's journey back to earth. Players had the task of choosing the correct angle, firing rockets at the right time, defying the forces of gravity and drag. 


To launch the experience, we built a page within that was driven to by paid and organic social assets. Take a look at my copy on the live site.