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The brief was simple: Wellbeing Escapes required new material for their blog. These pieces would need to boost their social media presence, whilst tapping into the concerns, desires and interests of their clientele. Completed true to their distinctive tone of voice, I provided new innovative material through original research and careful crafting. 



Let’s set the scene. It’s a wintry Monday morning, rain is lashing down on the station platform, as you make the long hard slog to London. You’re bustled from the platform, into the nearest carriage and crammed tightly together with every other commuter, stressed, anxious and feeling like a freshly packed sardine. Sound familiar? Over 500,000 of us face the hustle and bustle and loosen off the slack of the commuter belt every single day. Yet, how can we use those valuable minutes and seconds to remove all of this stress and harness our wellbeing? At Wellbeing Escapes we think we have the answer, with our Top 5 ways to transform your commute into a wellness experience.


Mindfulness is the Buddhist practice of disengaging those pesky emotions that remove us from the present moment. Essentially it’s a meditation technique to remove us from all of those worries and woes that come with modern life. It’s becoming so highly regarded that even the Mental Health Foundation has started a Be Mindful campaign, backed by research from those bright sparks at Oxford University. In November 2013, they popped on their lab coats and looked at 273 people who had completed the Be Mindful online course. Participants displayed a 58% reduction in anxiety levels, a 57% reduction in depression and a 40% reduction in stress in a single month


Visualisation is a powerful tool that is even used by psychiatric professionals, to deal with the stress and anxiety experienced by their clients. Guided by a professional or practiced by yourself on a busy commute, visualisation has been shown to reduce levels of stress and anxiety the world over. Perhaps you have a holiday booked, a favourite childhood memory, or even some great plans for the weekend? Focusing on these pleasurable experiences with deep, slow, cleansing breaths, will make your commute vastly less strenuous


The mind isn’t the only victim of the grueling nature of our daily trips to work, the body has a toll taken on it too. Slouching, slumping and shifting in your seat on the train, in the car or even on the tube, can take a great toll on your posture, lower back and neck. Stretching is a great way to remedy this. Just 10 minutes a day can get those muscle fibers extended, mended and feeling splendid. Take the time when you’re at work to toe touch and slowly rotate the tightness from your neck.

Biking and Walking

One great positive London has to its credit, is it’s density. Yes, you heard me right, it’s density! Ok, so no one likes to be piled on top of each other in the way we are sometimes subjected to in the city. However, the relatively small size of London means that healthier commuter options are in abundance. Why not get off a couple of stations early to walk the strain away, or grab one of Boris’ burly bikes and cycle the streets to your destination.

Music Therapy

It is almost impossible to get onto a commuter train without seeing a set of headphones dangling from someone’s ears. However, did you know that music can slow the body’s physiology and facilitate physical relaxation? Maybe those clever guys and girls listening to music know exactly that? So next time you get on that train, be sure to have your Ipod with you!

So now there is only one thing left to do! Pop your headphones in, stay mindful, grab a bike, or visualise that beautiful beach and sit back, relax and stay stress free on your next commute.

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When strolling past bananas in your supermarket’s vegetable isle, the majority of you wouldn’t even look twice at the bendy berry. However, ignore this miraculous fruit at your peril. The humble banana packs a real wellbeing punch, that extends far beyond most people’s understanding of the modest fruit. From defeating depression to stamping out stomach ulcers, bananas have a really impressive repertoire of healthy benefits that will leave you rushing for the supermarket. So let’s not delay any further, lets peel back the skin, to see the hidden benefits within, every miraculous mouthful.

Battling through the rigours of modern life can be hard sometimes. Endless tax forms to fill in, mortgages to pay and work woes to face. Even the most hardy of us can get down in the dumps under the weight of an avalanche of stress. However, this is where our little yellow friend the banana comes into its own. Bananas have been shown to benefit those suffering with depression due to their unique chemical composition. They contain an amino acid called Trytophan, which can be converted into smiley Serotonin by the body. The outcome of this is a nice mood boost, so you can get your smile back, even when the world is weigh hard on your shoulders.

According to the British Nutrition Foundation, approximately 25% of the world’s population have Anaemia, with half of that number suffering due to an iron deficiency. This is a real problem, as Anaemia is a condition which lowers our red blood cell counts, making us feel drowsy, dreary and dull. However, here comes the banana to the rescue. Bursting at the seams with iron, bananas can relieve this deficiency and get us back into tip top condition.

No one likes a grumbly tummy. The discomfort that comes from constipation can be unbearable, and it is this discomfort that the banana is able to remedy. Munching on a banana gives a real dose of fibre into our diet, making that trembling tummy a thing of the past.

Anyone who has tried to follow a strict diet knows that the largest barrier to success is binging. Those little mid-morning or late night cravings, sparked by the mischievous voice in your head or rumble of your tummy, can really set you back when trying to maintain a specific food plan. With its ability to lower blood sugar, stopping those pesky cravings in their tracks, bananas are the perfect healthy option to keep you on course to your beach body.

Nasty free radicals are a serious concern for our wellbeing. These horrible little blighters can do some real damage to our bodies and be a genuine source of illness. The best offense, in this case, is a great defence. Look no further than bananas to provide you with some solid fortifications to protect your body. Packing a real antioxidant punch, munching on a banana can shield your body from the damage that can occur from free radical activity, safeguarding your health and wellbeing.

burning fever can be really uncomfortable. Being trapped in your bed with soreness grating at your throat, is a really horrible place to be. Whilst a cold compress may be your first option to reach for, think next time of a banana! With the ability to lower body temperature, bananas can temporarily relieve you of a burning fever, making you feel better in a matter of peels.

Stomach ulcers are caused by acids acting on your stomach lining. Nasty stuff indeed! However, bananas are able to protect against these acids by lining the stomach, stopping them causing the uncomfortable ulcers.

Now you’re clued in on the brilliant berry, I bet you won’t look at them the same way again. So next time you’re walking down that produce isle, stop, think and appreciate all the goodness that can come from a quick peel, chomp and gobble, of the magical little yellow fruit.

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October 20, 2014

Whether you count your steps, tally every calorie or never miss a beat, fitness tech is all the range nowadays. It’s hard to walk into a gym or health club without seeing a beeping band or whirring watch tracking our every move. According to Kantar Media, the number of us wearing these gadgets will rise to 13.1m next year in Great Britain, and proves to be a trend that just won’t stop increasing. With that said, at Wellbeing Escapes we pride ourselves upon staying on the cutting edge of health and fitness. So let’s put these devices through their paces and count down our top three.

Nike+ FuelBand

Initially released in January 2012, the FuelBand has proven to be an international fitness phenomenon. The smart little band discreetly sits upon your wrist, counting the steps you take and the amount of energy you use as you go about your daily life. Through lots of tech-wizardry, the clever little device then sends all of this information to the online Nike+ community and to your handy phone application. With four neat display modes charting the time, your steps taken, energy burned and NikeFuel earned, this smart slight band is a great gadget that will keep you moving towards your fitness goals.

Jawbone UP

Before there was the FuelBand, fitness fanatics popped the chic Jawbone UP upon their wrists. The Jawbone UP was launched in 2011, as an activity tracker from the Jawbone technology company based in California. Like the FuelBand, the UP allows users to track their daily activity including steps taken and calories burned. However, unlike the FuelBand, the UP also allows users to track their sleep and eating habits. In 2013 the little UP received a makeover becoming the UP24. With a seven day battery life and new targeting system, the UP24 will be around for sometime as a great tool for keeping you trim.

Fitbit Zip

Stepping away from bands and into the world of pedometers, the Fitbit Zip provides all the benefits of a fitness band in a neat clip-able package. As a pedometer, the Zip clips onto your waistband and counts the steps you take, calories burned and distance you’ve travelled. When not on one of our serene escapes and running in rainy London, the Zip wont fail in a predictable downfall as it is handily water-proof! When not working hard enough, the cheeky Zip will stick its pixelated tongue out at you, to keep you motivated and plodding along at pace.

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Getting back to nature

November 21, 2014

Only a few weeks ago a simple article appeared in Forbes brandishing the title: “Employees Working In Offices With Natural Elements Report Higher Well-Being”. That got us here at Wellbeing Escapes stroking our chins, furrowing our brows and thinking deeply about how nature affects our wellbeing. Seeing as we have just warmly welcomed the breathtaking natural haven of Lapinha SPA into the Wellbeing Escapes family, now is the perfect time to answer that question.  So let’s leave the concrete jungle for the exotic far flung forests of Brazil, in hope of finding such an answer.

The powers that nature possess over nature over wellbeing have been well documented in the last decade. A simple rummage around a vegetable patch or stroll around the garden, have been shown by the American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease & Other Dementias, to decrease the symptoms of sufferers. Likewise, research in the International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine and Environmental Science & Technology,argues that outdoor exercise is comparable to anti-depressants to help lessen the effects of depression.

It’s quite clear that the nurturing magic of nature can be a medical marvel. With that said, how can we at Wellbeing Escapes give you a healthy slice of mother nature’s innate healing potential? Lets count down our top 3 resorts to give you all the benefits that our natural world has to offer.

Lapinha Spa.

Our newest recruit stands to attention with some phenomenal features. Their entire philosophy is built around the healing benefits that nature brings to the table; literally! 90% of their food is grown organically, on-site, in their own private gardens. Their founder, Mrs. Margarida Bornschein Langer, after experiencing the medicinal benefits of natural therapies in Switzerland in the 1950′s, decided to bring those tricks of the trade back to Brazil to open the country’s first medicinal SPA. In 1972 Lapinha was born and still packs a real wellbeing punch with some naturalistic knockout treatments. Besides these special little therapies, Lapinha’s very environment aches with the ancient natural beauty and is littered with exhilarating jungle trails.

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Finnish Summer Activity and Wilderness group tour.

Find serene solitude in Finland through pumping a paddle, thrusting those thighs and trotting through some of the most divine scenery Scandinavia has to offer. You can’t get much closer to nature’s healing powers than on this wondrous tour. Brilliantly fusing the healthy rewards of cycling, canoeing and walking, with the undoubtable benefits of doing each of these activities in the pure Finish air, this tour is sure to leave you flourishing as much as the petite daises you will pass in their flawless meadows.

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The Farm

Plunge into 119 acres of far flung exotic Jungle. The Farm not only offers nature’s benefits in abundance, but also peaceful seclusion of the highest order. Set among the unspoiled  foothills of Mount Malarayat in the Philippines, this resort will delight and ignite a pure sense of wellbeing. It’s not only the jumble of jungles that makes the resort a unique tip top natural destination. The nourishing nosh, packed with vegan vigour, straight from the ground to your plate, is a real treat!  Their award winning ALIVE! restaurant serves up trophy winning goodness that will have your tummy rumbling for more fantastic vegan fare!

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