Nando’s pride themselves on their customer service and efficiency. Their app provides a seamless takeaway experience. However, it doesn’t improve their in-restaurant experience. Due to this, placing an order can often take time and queueing can cause irritation.


We will create the Nandos Digital Waiter tool.

Customers will be able to open their app after seating themselves, as a table top beacon registers their table number immediately. They can select their order on their app, send it straight to the kitchen and pay for their meal with their mobile payment service, without ever having to leave their table. All food and drink will then be bought to them by waiters.

By building the digital waiter into the existing Nando's app, we will dramatically cut staff costs, provide smoother end-to-end customer service and increase the turnover of customers on a given day.


Creative Credits:

Art Director/Copywriter: Michael Buckmaster