cheil/the ipa | experiential

Making my director of strategy look like an absolute badass in front of the IPA.

In May 2017, my director of strategy was tasked with giving a presentation about AI to the IPA. But he wanted to do something really special that would leave an impression. So we got him to make no presentation at all. Instead, we handed it over to Alexa and Google Home, so we could get the answers straight from the source. 

google home.png

I helped develop a creative presentation that had Google Home and Amazon Alexa seamlessly talk and debate with each other. We coded, designed and wrote the experience, so that our director of strategy had minimal input, letting our AIs be the star of the show


The piece was widely praised by IPA members and has since gone on to be rebooted and reused several times. Take a look at a studio-filmed run-through below with the password 'helloworld'.