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Revolutionising digital journeys for Samsung customers in the UK

The Gear S3 was a big deal for Samsung in the UK. They came to us wanting to revolutionise the customer journey across digital.


I helped created a personalised experience across, so that it changed across the customer journey. It tailored to the likes and dislikes of the user, featuring influencers to add a bit of extra flavour.

The journey began with British actor, singer, songwriter Jacob Anderson (Raleigh Ritchie). Based on which Gear S3 model the user liked most, they were then sent to one of two pages. Click the image to see the full page.

For those that wanted a little extra luxury in their life, there was the Gear S3 classic page. We used the classy jet setter Murad Osmann to bring the page to life. Click the image to see the full page.

And for those who were ready for adventure, there was the Gear S3 frontier page. This creative was bought to life by adventurer Bear Grylls. Click the image to see the full page.   


From then on, images changed, copy lengths and messaging altered and tone flexed, dependant upon how close the user came to purchase. The modifications were a resounding success. They were then copied on a global scale.