nivea | social

Giving NIVEA’s social media followers across Europe helpful little skincare hacks

In November 2017, Cheil London won NIVEA's social and digital account for the UK and the Nordics. It was the biggest pitch win (outside of Korea) in Cheil Worldwide's history. My simple and flexible social idea was the lead concept.  







Everyday Small Wins was a series of short videos that showed simple skincare hacks using NIVEA products. They provided solutions to everyday skincare problems. Each one was shot in stop motion using paper. This visually pushed the idea of simplicity. 


I designed each video to be reusable and flexible. They could be used to comment on current events, respond to followers, as paid adverts or as stand-alone posts. They could be cut up into GIFs, as short edits and in all social channels.  


The client loved the idea for its simplicity, adaptability, functionality and frugality. Use the password 'helloworld' to take a look at the concept video below.